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Private Equity 

Fox Meadow targets equity investments of up to$150 million. We can invest in debt and equity securities, and in control and non-control transactions.

We have experience in media, communications, healthcare, business services, technology, transportation, energy, and consumer businesses. Our track record includes roll-ups, buyouts, divisional divestitures, and growth investments, as well as turnaround, restructuring and distressed opportunities. We also have successful experience working with wealthy families and their businesses.


Fox Meadow brings a unique combination of investing, financing, operating, legal, tax, and advisory experience, with a proven ability to manage operating details to create investor value.

Fox Meadow will actively monitor sales, operating and financial metrics, while continuously optimizing the capital structure to minimize working capital.

Fox Meadow provides strategic and value-driven direction, and focuses on changes that will create long-term investor value. We help to identify organic growth opportunities and bolt-on acquisitions, while providing operational oversight and cash flow focus.

We are experienced at right-sizing operating costs and headcount, while focusing on sales growth, marketing and capex. Fox Meadow can also help to recruit top management talent where needed.



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